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Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

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out through the night



linocut and emergency blankets

This piece was included in the group exhibition curated by Yasmin Nurming-Por in the Project Space at Banff Centre for Arts and Creativity titled, "Look Around You". The final piece was obscured by a wall of shredded emergency blankets that reacted to movement in the room by reflecting light in gentle ripples. I was interested in the choice viewers would make to interact with the piece, often distracted by the sparkle and shimmer of the blankets. The prints each held hidden text referencing a permanent disability I have. It was the first piece I chose to use this attribute of my own body which informs all of my work. Since this piece, I have been challenging myself to find the balance between visual attractiveness and reality, often playing on the ignorance of my viewers, assuming they will not find the hidden messages, but will still appreciate the surface beauty superficially. 

The blankets also served as a selfie background for a few high school students in community programs at the centre, which I think is pretty great. 

Photo Credit:

Katy Whitt

Curated by:

Yasmin Nurming-Por

Video installation work in photos 8 & 10 by Beck Gilmore-Osborne