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to those in care of ~~ 2021

Coptic stitch, gold hot foil, handset lead "Liberty" and laurel typeforms, trace monotype; on BFK, Tatami Natural, Kozo, and handmade papers (pulped from: denim and grass (covers); scrap rag, gold foil, and rose petals (folio); and recycled cotton with lily grass (folio). Custom shelf: book board, handmade paper (scrap rag, thyme, and rose petals from my garden).
4.5" x 6.25"


to those in care of is a coptic bound collection of poem-letters written in care of (℅) specific trees, bushes, and flowers. Each letter is indirectly addressed to loved ones who had recently passed away. In its whole, the book is a rumination on the tangle of loss and love, memorial, and remembrance.  

The text is set with lead type and was printed on a Vandercook. This is important, because it encouraged a constant improvisation and revision of the words based on what fit within each page and the relation between folios - they were only set as they were ‘set’.

The drawings have been printed through trace monotype - a printing method that allows one to ‘trace’ a movement. A piece of paper is placed on top of a thin ink palette. Using any kind of tool (ones finger, a pencil, etc), pressure is applied to the back of the paper. When the page is lifted, the tracing of the movement is printed.


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